Archived pages with the British Library

I have over the years produced a variety of on-line products which may be of interest: two of these have been archived at the British Library on-line web archive project: the links are below . . .

Archive: West Moors and its Railway History

The West Moors Railway (specific) part of my old web site (as at 2015)

Archive: Booty Web Site . . . including my record of historical weather, individual projects/research etc. Not all files will be available

The Booty Web Site: 2017 version (last one I amended)

You should use these files above, especially the railway history files, to find the list of sources I used: I haven’t cluttered-up this site with them.

Important! Not all the ‘internal’ (relative) links will work – or ‘find’ active pages and I’ve been told that some people can’t access the files, though I’ve always found using the links as laid out above work. I’m afraid I have no control over the British Library archiving system, but if you have a need to see the original files, let me know and I’ll try and help.

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